Want a Lipgloss?

I was in Sephora recently and was amazed at the number of lipglosses on the market – I just had to take a photo at this double-sided stand.

Now I thought I had quite the collection – guess not!

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  • Balmshell! Oh how I want you so much. Oh how I raced to Selfrigdes in London… only to find that bloody balmshell don’t even sell there anymore!
    Lip fusion- Tried didn’t rate
    Stila- Love some, have some, rarely wear.
    Dior- Tried, didn’t love.
    fresh-Not tried.
    (unknown- what *is* that?!)
    Tarte- Tried & LOVE their duo ones
    fresh-Not tried.
    Lorac- Some nice ones, not a fan of the polishs
    Too Faced- Fun but rarely wear
    Nars- Want to love it, but not a top one
    Bourjois- Love the minis
    DuWop- Tried some, have some, rarely wear.
    Cargo- Cute, fun, sometimes wear
    Sephora- basic but nice
    Smashbox- some good colours.
    Benefit- Cute
    Urban Decay- Some great glosses, often wear
    (unknown- what *is* that?!)
    Nars- Want to love it, but not a top one
    fresh-Not tried.

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