Lashes Have Reached a Whole New Level

This fall, M.A.C is re-launching their M.A.C Lashes. Acclaimed celebrity lash designer Christina Smith who has designed custom lashes for Hollywood leading ladies including Liza Minnelli, Kate Hudson, Hayden Panettiere and Gisele Bundchen, has created 11 exclusive M.A.C Lash styles with original, new features and streamlined packaging.

Color – M.A.C Lashes have a unique blend of black and brown natural hairs, so they blend more naturally with your own lashes. Great for even the fairest of lashes.
Clear Band – M.A.C Lashes feature a ground-breaking thin, clear band for easy application and flexibility. Lashes can move, bend and blend.

Shorter Width – Say goodbye to trimming false lashes to fit. M.A.C’s newly designed Lashes have a shorter width, so they fit comfortably to the length of your natural lash line.

Intentional Imperfection – No two lashes are the same or perfectly symmetrical. M.A.C created intentional imperfections in each lash design to create a more natural effect.

#30: Individual lashes. Three lengths available in one package for the ultimate customization.

#31: Natural style length with a wispy texture. Perfect for those who want fullness every day.

#32: Natural style length that includes a combination of lash bundles and individual hairs
for a natural fullness.

#33: Natural style length. Separate lash bundles give a flirty fringe.

#34: Slightly more dramatic length. Wispy texture with winged corners.

#35: Slightly more dramatic in length. Separate lash bundles for fullness above the iris, which
creates a wide-eyed look.

#36: A full lash favorite that creates a naturally dramatic look.

#37: Most dramatic length. Theses Lashes are the biggest, fullest and longest.

#38: Natural style length with a wispy texture. This half lash adds subtle fullness to the outer corner of the eye.

#39: For the lower lash line. Natural style length with a wispy texture. Perfect for those
Of us who want extra fullness for lower lashes.

#40: For the lower lash line. Natural style length. Combines lash bundles and individual hairs.

Christina Smith walks us through the steps for applying false lashes
Step One: Hold a mirror below your chin, look down into the mirror, so that your eyelid is fully extended.
Step Two: Apply a thin amount of Eyelash Adhesive evenly to the lash band.
Step Three: Let the adhesive dry for about 30 seconds, until it becomes sticky, and not wet.
Step Four: Affix lash on top of your own lash line. Use an orange stick to push the lash securely onto your last line. Let dry for a few seconds.
Note: I recommend curling and applying mascara to your own lash before applying the false lashes.


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