I am excited because my parents are here in the big T.O. visiting me. When I have guests staying with me, I like to make the bathroom all clean, shiny and pretty – so I am pulling out my secret stash of L’Occitane soaps. They look lovely, smell divine and also feel good on the skin.

Bonne Mere soaps are my favourites as I love the creamy texture of the lather. However, I am thinking that I might need to purchase a couple of the Magnolia Bath Soap, as I adore the sweet fluting – they are just so pretty! That should impress my mother.

The trouble with L’Occitane is, as with a drugstore, you can never leave with just one item. I will end up buying a hand cream, a home fragrance, and maybe a shower gel. I had better put on my mental blinders and focus only on the soap!


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  • I love L’Occitane soaps! Especially soaps with shea butter!!! You really should go on their new website ttp://usa.loccitane.com
    So easy to shop and I received a free cream with my order!!!

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